Johari Window.

Over the past week or so I have asked some of my closer friends to add to my Johari Window by choosing 5-6 words to describe me.The Johari Window was invented by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in the 1950s as a model for mapping personality awareness. Below the window shows the that words I chose in ‘Facade,’ the ones both me and others chose in ‘Arena,’ and the ones others chose which I didn’t, in ‘Blind Spot.’  Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.20.50 am This is a summary of how popular each word was:Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.20.59 am

What attributes described in Johari Window exercise do you see as key to dealing with clients?
Adaptable – I can deal with a whole range of clients and briefs.
Organised – I can manage my time to effectively deliver to each client.
Dependable, trustworthy and energetic – clients feel I will complete their jobs and give them my all.
Mature and intelligent – clients can get along with and trust me to do my job well and reliably.

What attributes are key to dealing with your colleagues?
Dependable – I can be relied on my colleagues to do my job.
Energetic – so I don’t bore people, and am always on-top of things.
Cheerful, happy and friendly – so colleagues find me pleasant to work with.
Mature, confident, independent, trustworthy – so they can trust me to do my job.

What attributes are key to dealing with yourself?
Independent, confident and mature, – so I can be confident in my own work and deal with my jobs in a mature manner.
Happy – so my morale is high, even when busy.
Logical –  so I don’t have unrealistic expectations of myself.
Adaptable and confident – so new task don’t overwhelm me.

What attributes are key to dealing with your boss?
Adaptable, dependable and  trustworthy – they can rely on me to do my job.
Energetic and friendly – so I am a pleasure to work with.
Confident, mature, independent and intelligent – so I can have conversations with them as equals.

How does your version of the Johari Window differ from your friends/close contacts?
I put down ‘able’ and ‘relaxed,’ which were not chosen by any of my friends.
I think that ‘able’ was not chosen by others as they chose ‘intelligent’ or ‘clever’ instead. Although I considered these words, I think I didn’t chose them as I didn’t want to seem too self-confident and went with ‘able’ instead.
Otherwise, I also think my friends might not often see the me who relaxes, as I do usually mainly relax when enjoying alone-time.

I am even a little surprised with some of the positive results, such as ‘organised,’ which is one of the most popular results. I know I am quite good at planning – I like to make daily to-do-lists and always get things done in time – however, I often feel quite unorganised. I can put smaller tasks off to focus on the more important things, and therefore get behind on where I would rather be. But I guess it’s great that I come across as organised, even if I can sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed!

How does this exercise make you think about your position in the workplace (ie. do you think you would be a good co-worker or boss or are there things you think you need to work on/develop?)
I think the words my friends have used to describe the way people generally see me show me that I will be not only appreciated for my skills in the workplace, as I am apparently ‘organised’ and ‘intelligent’ but also will manage to be liked by most people – being ‘friendly’ and ‘happy.’
I think I could work on showing that I can relax and have a good time, as that is a big part of my personality. It may also ensure that I can maybe be invited to events with co-workers outside of work. I do love my downtime, and wouldn’t mind spending it with people I work with if I get along with them.
I think if I did the Nohari window as well, which focuses on the negatives of my personality, it may be more constructive as to helping me improve on any problems I might have, as the Johari obviously focuses on positives.


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