My Worth

Working out now much to charge for my design services was quite a difficult task. Ultimately, having done very little freelance work, and none of it paid, (it being for family and friends,) I had to research how I should charge for freelance jobs. There a a couple of options when it comes to charging for design. A flat rate dependant on the type of job – be it a logo, website, or corporate identity – can be charged if a designer generally knows how much work it takes for them to create these designs. They also then often charge an hourly rate for any further work, such as revisions and application fees. Otherwise, designers can charge an hourly rate, as long as they track their hours and ensure clients are fully aware of how your time is spent, and what they are paying you for.
I worked out that as I am only starting out, and don’t really have an idea of how long each job will take me, I will charge hourly as to ensure I am not under (or over) paid.
Working out my hourly rate was difficult though. I have had experience working with a medium Graphic Design agency, and they spoke to me about me contracting for them. When discussing possible rates of pay with them, I divided up the average salary of  Junior Graphic Designer in order to determine what kind of hourly rate I should start at – with it showing me around $20-25/hour. However, I also considered what I earn in my casual day-job whilst studying, (average of $25/hour,) as I feel like I would deserve more than this when using my university-trained skills for a specific and creative design job. On, the pricing for freelance logo design states that ‘skilled’ designers charge $25-50 per hour, and ‘standard’ charge $15-25.
So after proposing $25-30/hour, the agency owner, who I developed a great mentor-like relationship with over my internship, was actually kind enough to admit that they would be happy to pay $35-$40 for my time. Therefore, as this recommendation comes from someone with plenty of experience in the industry, and I consider it a very reasonable rate, I have ultimately used this as the basis for my rates as  freelancer.
I did consider lowering the rate for different types of jobs that made up a project – such as a lower rate for research and , but haven’t found this to be very common in the Industry. Therefore, to begin with, I will stick with a flat rate of $35 per hour, and ensure clients are always able to clearly understand what I spend my time doing via the use of a timesheet explaining how much time is spent on each job within the project.
I think as I develop as a designer I will be able to start to understand how long types of jobs actually take me, and therefore how much I could charge if I decide to move on to charging flat rates.
I also know that I will probably not always be charging the same rates, as some jobs will be for family and friends still. Maybe for these jobs I can give a discounted hourly rate, or discuss a flat rate that both they and I are happy with, considering our relationship.
As I grow as a designer and possibly start to encounter logos for larger companies which are to be used across a range of media (maybe for advertising,) I may also have to consider charging clients for the rights to use my work, as I would inherently own the rights to anything I design, and therefore need to transfer those rights to the client for them to be able to use them.
But for now I think I can focus on charging per hour for my time, and being transparent with clients by employing the use of a timesheet for each Job I do. Below is a template of a self-branded timesheet I have created using my logo, which included what I have decided is the most important information that needs to be communicated.



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