The CushionWhat Is Special About This Object?

This cushion, although relatively new, was the very first item I bought for my first real home of my own before moving in at the end of last year. I was buying couches, and before even deciding on those more important items, I felt I needed it. Somehow, looking at it in my new place manages to make me happy every day. It shows me of how much I’ve grown, living in my own place and being so close to finishing Uni – while also reminding me to always have fun in life and add colour or laughter every day.

How Have You Incorporated Elements Of This Into Your Design Work/Creative Practice?

It manages to use the exact range and type of colours that are my favourites in design – especially when I think about branding for myself: quite bright and happy, but still a little subdued and pastel.
The watercolour-like effect also reminds me of some of my earliest experiences in design. In high school when studying Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design I often incorporated watercolour in to my large assessment items, as it has such a natural, unique feel to it. I always like my designs to have a slightly rougher, organic side to them, even if it is very subtle – in the form of an interesting handmade colour or pattern, or even a simple curve.
I also love simplicity with one focus or feature – as you can see in the photo here, my lounge room is mostly neutral, light colours, and this cushion, along with two others, are the features of the room – the main splashes of colour.
My most recent portfolio even used a light pastel orange theme – one of the colours featured in the cushion!

What Does This Object Say About Your Personality & Personal Style?

As mentioned, I feel like this cushion was created as an individual piece – quite organically, and not with a particular plan in mind. I think the watercolour-look of the pattern was created with only a ‘feel’ in mind. I feel that encapsulates how I go about not only design, but life. I am very organized, but only to a certain point. I think I know generally how I want things to turn out, but I will go with the flow and see where life takes me.